Periodically, the Agency's Board of Directors, Managers and staff meet together to establish Agency's Strategic Objectives. These objectives are designed to set the course for the organization over a several year period, usually three to five years.

These objectives challenge the organization to strive for fulfillment of its Mission.

We encourage every employee to be part of the strategic planning process. This process usually lasts a year and involves a commitment of time for full participation and four to five planning sessions which deal with particular area of interest. During those meetings, you will have the opportunity to work with a Manager and a member of our Board of Directors to form a vision for the organization in your particular area of concentration. Some of the Agency's current strategic goals are listed below.

We will periodically review where we are in meeting our strategic objectives, which we hope helps you to see where we are going as a team.

Some of the key strategic objectives which we plan to remain dedicated to are:

1. Update and maintain a sound, reliable and dependable accrual based accounting system which guarantees accountability to our funding sources,
contributors, Board of Directors, management and regulatory institutions, as well as ensuring the goodwill of funding sources, vendors, staff and managers.

2. Continually seek to implement improvements to agency cost management techniques and systems including the indirect cost plan. Seek to ensure expense equity and simplify accounting procedures.

3. Continue to diversify revenues in order to reduce dependency on public
funds. A strong emphasis will be devoted to increasing fee for service projects throughout the agency, setting a target of increasing sales by 25% annually.

4. Encourage the total development of our employees, volunteers and clients. Our goal will be to develop systems and programs which allow our human resources to develop personally toward their life goals. A key ingredient will be continual learning of the individual and the work team.

5. We will seek to develop leaders who encourage diversity, can assist
employees to learn, grow and develop as individuals, who can foster and inspire the passion of others in pursuit of the Agency mission, goals, and who seek continual improvement and outstanding service.

6. Promote an agency-wide perspective, as opposed to product or department focus. An overall perspective creates better service for the customer. This may require a restructuring which reorganizes processes and work to encourage more complete and seamless service to customers.

7. Develop a system of alternatives which enable the employee to grow and develop within the Agency, advance in his/her career by taking on additional responsibilities. Possible project management opportunities, special initiatives or team leadership.

8. Programs will continue to change. A career with Community Action will require continually learning new skills, a flexibility in job skills and a willingness to accept new work assignments and responsibility. A flexible work force will enable us to better serve funders and clients. We will strive to increase the flexibility of our workforce.

9. The emphasis on providing a quality service to consumers, contractors and the general public will continue to be the primary objective of our work. Continual improvement of services is a priority for all employees. Quality means providing all internal and external customers with the products and services they requested, meeting the customer's requirements, without error, on time, every time. Providing a quality service is one of our primary competitive advantages. Continual development of strong quality controls and systems will be a priority.

10. Our approach throughout the agency will be to deal with the whole needs of families which come to the agency for assistance. Systems which encourage coordination between departments on delivering services will be put in place. Coordination with other service providers will be strengthened. Training will focus on educating employees to deal more effectively with other family needs.