FCCAA Project Managers
724/ 437-6050


 Crystal Barnhart, extension 2237, cbarnhart@fccaa.org 
Senior Center/Nutrition Services

Dave Bork, extension 1266,  dbork@fccaa.org  Food Bank, SFFP, TEFAP, CSFP, FEMA Food 

Judy Downs,  extension 3271, jdowns@fccaa.org                   
Nurse/Family Partnership Project Manager

Susan Mahokey,  ext. 3212  smahokey@fccaa.org   WIC and Breast Feeding Counseling

Rita Masi, ext. 3247, rmasi@fccaa.org
Bridge House, Case Management, Emergency Shelter, Housing Services Utility Assistance, Family Savings, Ticket to Work, FEMA, Food Stamp Outreach

Heather Pirl, ext. 3216  Residential Homeless Programs;  Lenox St. Project, Fairweather Lodge, Fayette Apartments

Magan Aston, ext. 4276,  maston@fccaa.org,  RSVP Coordinator

 BrooBBroBrooke Tibbe Sue Wagner, extension 2259,  swagner@fccaa.org Community Training Institute, Work Ready