100% goal attainment 

Clients have input into programs and services 

Excellent Ratings by Funders 

100% files complete and accurate and fully documented 

Positive outcomes from services 

Customers feel services are good

Funders are pleased 

High productivity of employees 

Work spaces clean and comfortable 

Smoke and Drug Free Work sites maintained 

Sites are accessible to people who are disabled 

Equipment and facilities are adequate 

Locations of facilities are throughout county 

Parking is not a problem 

Waiting rooms and rest rooms are clean and comfortable 

Community Action is safe and free of violence 

Friendly telephone contact and helpful 

Customers are received suitably 

Customers do not wait long for services 

Staff is courteous and considerate to customers 

Complaints are handled promptly and satisfactory 

Customers feel good about coming to Community Action 

Information is kept confidential 

Accurate and clear information is dispensed to customers 

Managers rate customer service support as good 

Increasing contract revenue indicates satisfaction 

Increasing fundraising efforts to leverage resources 

Clients have input in planning projects 

Secure new contracts 

Staff has input into planning process 

Managers feel development support is good 

Managers feel public relations support is good 

Funders feel information supplied is good 

Customers feel informational material on programs is good 

Excellent financial accounting 

Necessary financial information for project managers 

Funders feel confidence in financial systems 

Funders feel reports are timely 

Cost containment efforts 

Staffing at 0% turnover 

Staffing at 100% 

Staff participation in training is high 

Minimal absenteeism 

0 accidents 

Clients feel staff is knowledgeable in jobs 

Funders feel staff is very knowledgeable 

Staff meetings are held at least monthly 

Dress of Employees is good 

Managers feel staff performance is good