FCCAA continues to work with its affiliate corporation, Threshold Housing Development to obtain suitable housing for clients.  In addition, we plan to establish contracts with additional financial institutions to provide first-time homebuyers with counseling by certified housing counselors. 

Meadow Heights Apartment was developed by Uniontown Senior Associates, an affiliate board of Community Action.  Community Action developed Meadow Heights Apartments in order to meet the increasing demand for affordable and accessible housing for older adults, age 62 and over. We are located on the Community Action Campus of Services with on site support services such as meals through the senior center, care management, counseling and referral.  To contact us or for more information,call 724-438-3089.

Fayette County Community Action Agency’s Fairweather Lodge is a permanent supportive housing program located in Connellsville that is designed to serve up to eight homeless individuals with a mental health diagnosis.

          a.  Rent is based on the individual lodge members income making the Fairweather lodge an affordable alternative to rooming houses and lonely apartment living. 

         b.  The house is handicap accessible and consists of eight bedrooms (one for each resident), three bathrooms, and common areas such as a living room, dining room, kitchen, and laundry facilities.

         c.  The Fairweather Lodge concept gives residents an opportunity to be employed and involved in a unique business venture. This employment will not interfere with the amount of benefits (if any) that a resident is receiving.

         d.   Criminal background checks and child abuse clearances are required upon being accepted into the program.  The results may or may not determine eligibility, and will be considered on a case by case basis.

For more information or to make a referral,  please call: 724-626-2674

Uniontown Family Homes was completed in 2009, with the construction of 30 new ENERGY STAR rated homes throughout Uniontown for low income individuals in Fayette County. 

Maple Gardens Apartments is a 36 unit apartment building for seniors 55 and over located in the city of Uniontown

Lenox Street Apartments is a 6 unit permanent housing facility owned and managed by FCCAA for homeless individuals suffering from a mental illness. 

Bridgehouse is a transitional living facility for homeless families and single women.