The Nurse Family Partnership offers guidance and support to pregnant women living in Fayette County, who will be delivering their first baby and meet income guidelines.  Participation is voluntary and free of charge.

Enrollment should begin as early in the pregnancy as possible, at least by the 28th week.  Expectant moms receive home visits by a registered nurse at regular intervals, at a minimum of every two weeks during their pregnancy and until the baby is 21 months old.  Visit frequency is reduced to once a month during the final three months, terminating at the baby's second birthday.

At the visits, nurses follow research based program guidelines and focus on the mother's personal health, parenting skills, and life course development.  By identifying strengths and building on successes positive outcomes for the mom, baby and family are achieved.

This program is partially funded by the Office of Child Development and PA Department of Public Welfare.

For more information about the Nurse Family Partnership, call: 724-437-6050 ext. 3305