Shelter costs dominate the budgets of most households. For families of very modest means, this leaves little extra money for the necessities, such as food and transportation. According to the US Census 2009 American Community Survey, nearly 40% of Fayette County renters, 29% of Fayette County homeowners with a mortgage and 14% of Fayette County homeowners without a mortgage spend over 30% of their income on housing costs.

The 2006-2008 Community Survey also reveals that Fayette County has an aging housing stock in which almost 80% of occupied residences are over 30 years old and many lack adequate plumbing and heating. Consequently, there is a high incidence of substandard housing in the area, and housing values are the seventh lowest in the Commonwealth. Poor families simply cannot afford to make needed repairs.

Through FCCAA’s Energy Program, assistance is provided to individuals completing the Dollar Energy, LIPURP and Columbia Gas’s CAP applications.   Community Action also administers the H20 program – providing assistance to low-income individuals with their water bills.

Some of the programs we offer are :
Homelessness Prevention and rapid Re-Housing Program (HPRP),where homeless or near homeless households recieve financial assistance for short term rent, secuirty, arrears, etc.  The Pa Housing Finance Agency (PHFA) which is designed to protect citizens who through no fault of their own are unable to make mortgage payments. With the Rental/Mortgage Assistance Program payments for rent or morgages may be provided to avoid eviction.  The Housing Counseling program provides assistance for individuals or familes who want to rent or purchase a home. 
Additional Services offered include Case Management, Utility Assistance, and Bridge House which is a transistional living program

 FCCAA continues to work with its affiliate corporation, Threshold Housing Development, to obtain suitable housing for clients.  In addition, we plan to establish contracts with additional financial institutions to provide first-time homebuyers with counseling by certified housing counselors. FCCAA also assisted with the development of Uniontown Family Homes—a 30-unit housing complex designed for low-income individuals in Fayette County, and recently opened the Fairweather Lodge, which is a permanent supportive housing program designed to serve eight homeless individuals suffering from mental illness.

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