A’Marra is happy to be participating in Experience WORKS. She is currently assigned to the Housing Department at Fayette County Community Action.  She originally wanted to work with kids, but while waiting on her clearances she started to help with clerical duties and decided she really enjoyed office work. A’Marra’s  primary duties are keeping files copied and assisting case workers with filing, organizing, and completing annual quality surveys for clients. Her favorite part of her job is the people. She likes the teamwork and likes feeling as a part of the group. She has also learned about social services and poverty and how it affects the community. A’Marra said she was most surprised by how fast paced the office is.  She expected the days to drag on, but she likes helping people and is happy for the experience. A’Marra originally thought she wanted to go to college for business or childcare, but after working in the EW Program she has developed an interest in social work and possibly working at CYS to combine her interests in a way that helps local kids.  She also has interest in cosmetology and is considering following that route in the future. She thinks the EW Program is beneficial because it allows youth to try different types of jobs they may have never considered before.