Public Policy

Even after 50 years, Fayette County Community Action Agency is constantly evaluating how to better serve our customers. The needs of the Fayette County citizens are a driving force behind the programs and services we offer. Our goal is to help people who are economically, culturally, physically, or educationally disadvantaged locate and secure the opportunities necessary for them to remain or become self-sufficient. We believe this goal can be accomplished through stimulating, mobilizing, focusing, and efficiently managing state, federal, local, and private resources to help people obtain the necessary knowledge, information, and motivation to acquire the basic necessities of life.

As our work evolves with the needs of Fayette County, it can encourage the support of community members. In order to achieve our goal, we assist communities and institutions in becoming more attentive and responsive to the needs and interests of disadvantaged residents. With the support and resources to achieve our goal, we can continue to make a positive impact on the lives of Fayette County residents.